Born in 1970, Omar Thomas began his journey in commercial and graphic arts at the age of 5 years old. With the support of his mother Brenda Thomas, Omar learned certain stlyes early in life such as pen and ink, color contrast, fine arts and acrylic paint mediums. In 1983, the street art known as "graffitti" came into play. With the use of aerosol cans Omar's depth and hand/eye coordination progressed into the new up and coming medium known as "airbrush art". After years of practice, trial and error, Omar's craft allowed him to enter a new era of commercial art and in 1994, Omar Thomas along with long time friend/mentor Shelly Nutter, opened "World of Airbrush" at the Cumberland Mall in New Jersey.

By 1997, Omar left home to pursue his dream of being a "well known artist". In 1999, Omar's first major accomplishment was taking the first place trophy for best custom bike (Asian-Class) at the Budwiser International Motorcycle Show in Baltimore, Md. With further mentoring from friend Denny Knapp at "Expert Touch Customs", Omar painted "The Baltimore Ravens" Super Bowl jeep featured in Baltimore Magazine (June 2001 issue) for Ray Thomas CEO of Zurich Insurance, and longtime friend of "Baltimore Ravens" owner Art Modell commemorating the Baltimore Raven's Super Bowl victory in 2001. Ray Thomas was crowned the Raven's most radical fan.

From 2001 on, Omar has been a masterful freelance artist utilizing his knowledge of fine arts, custom airbrush, computer graphics, abstract and acrylic mediums known best for his portrait photo realism. He has produced art work for a vast variety of clients including rappers "Ludacris", "Gloria


singer/songwriter "Mario", Cookin TYE "The Hip Hop Chef", Ella Gordon (daughter of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon), comedian KY Nelly and hundreds of other customers abroad.

In 2008 Omar collaborated with world famous costume designer Luca Mosca to design apparel featured in the blockbuster movie "Step Up 2" (Disney/Touchstone Pictures) starring then, up and coming star Channing Tatum. Omar's grafitti work is displayed on all of the actors/actresses and dancers featured throughout the Disney movie.

After a 3 year hiatus, Omar re-invented himself once more by starting 360 Studios. Creating a new style of radical color exchanges, mixed with abstract techniques, the "Art Initiates Life" movement was born. The foundation of the movement fuses eye catching color blends with photo realistic detail to bring life to canvas. The conceptual process awakens emotions deeply embedded in the mind of the viewer while stimulating the eye and imagination of those drawn to the content. "ART INITIATES LIFE"

Currently, Omar Thomas is still freelancing in the Baltimore/ Washington D.C. area.

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